Station: Helios Alpha I


Station: Helios Alpha

Current crew on three year rotation:

Dr. Hugh Maxwell, Station Commander, 853

Ellen Collins, MBA, Station Executive Officer, 408

Dr. Vishwa Rama, MD, 554


John Spencer, Station Vice-Commander, 554

Dr. Natsu Kitano, Meteorologist, Atmospheric Scientist, 853

Dr. Caroline Tullis, Exo-geological Scientist, 698

Dr. Ronald Harrison, Exo-geographer, Seismologist, 244

Dr. Sarah Gardner, Microbiologist and Paleontologist, 101

Jack Floyd, Systems Controller, Communications specialist, 698

Martin Nebane, Ground Control Specialist I, 408

Donna Scyz, Ground Control Specialist II, 244


One: Dr. Hugh Maxwell, Station Commander, Rotation Day: 853

“I hate that Goddamn sound, ” Max said quietly to himself looking through the window to the bleak outdoors. Nat had said the storm would be short lived but it had howled against Station for two days non-stop now. Although he couldn’t see much through the window he continued to stare for minutes, knowing that if he was on the other side of the door he would be frozen and dead in under a minute. He had 150 days left in his rotation and time seemed to be slowing down.

Finally he pulled away but just as he was starting away from the window to head the Mess the indicator lights blinked lightly, indicating someone was using the COM system.

“Max,” Ellen Collins said over the communications system. She was his Executive Officer, and while he was in command, she ran Station. “Can you come to the Medical Center please.”

She never used abbreviations, Max thought, but at least she had finally starting using the nickname everyone else used for him. It was a start.

“On my way,” he responded. ALICE was smart enough to automatically relay his reply to her location without his having to actively initiate the system or indicate to whom he was talking.

As he reached the long hall he turned left toward the Med bay instead of straight to get something to eat. As he did the indicator lights blinked again, this time changing from their soft white glow to a dull pinkish red.

Max knew that was a bad sign and ALICE quickly reinforced that observation as she came on and announced: “Medical Emergency in the Medical Center,” in a quiet, dulcet female tone.

“Medical Emergency.”

Dr. Hugh Maxwell ran.

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