Station: Helios Alpha IV

Four: Jack Floyd, Systems Controller, Comms specialist, Rotation Day: 698

Jack woke up way earlier than normal. He usually slept late but this morning something made him roll out of bed early. His vision was ruddy and red as he tried to focus on the world around him.

For a second he thought he was back home, but his pillow reminded him he was far from there. Then he thought we was in his training bunk. Two years of that had made an impression but the pillows in training were worse than this one.

He tried to settle back in but the hard red indicator light would not let him rest. Finally he pulled himself around, resting his bare feet on the cold floor of his room.

Blinking, he realized where he was and what was going on. Hard red indicators was a terrible sign. He quickly pulled on his clothes and hurried into Station.

As he rounded the bend from his remote room to the main corridor he saw members of the  crew entering the Med Bay. By the time he got there everyone had joined together in the Medical Bay and Dr. Rama lay pale and unmoving on the examination table that Jack had been inspected on every other week for the past year.

Seven people stood around, red indicator lights uncleared, but someone had thankfully silenced the computer as it was clear Dr. Rama was dead. Emma stood over him most closely, next to Max. The rest of the crew hovered wondering what to do next, they were mostly all Doctor’s but not the same kind of Doctor that Vishwa was.

“What happened?” Jack asked pushing past everyone to get a closer look at Vishwa.

Ellen and Max looked pale and just kept glancing from each other, to the body, to Jack.

“Move,” Jack said, pushing everyone away and laying Vishwa back on the examination table. He was still warm and Jack couldn’t see any signs of how he had died.

Everyone stood back.

Jack waved his hand past his mouth although he didn’t need to as he addressed the computer directly, “ALICE, analysis,” he said. He wanted to add “quickly” but didn’t. He heard someone crying behind him but didn’t turn to see who it was.

“And clear the indicators,” he said and the lights all turned from their death red color back to white.

Jack felt Vishwa’s neck just to be sure but there was no beat. No signal, nothing.

“Ruptured Aortic Aneurysm,” ALICE announced forty seconds later. “Massive Ruptured Aortic Aneurysm.”

Silence fell on the room like a heavy blanket. Everyone stared at Dr. Rama. They had all been tested and tested for two years before they came to Station to make sure they were at the peak of fitness and vitality and now their only Medical Doctor had died, in front of their eyes.

“ALICE, define Aortic Aneurysm,” Jack said heavily, not wanting to hear the response, knowing their only Medical Doctor was now dead and the crew of twelve was now a crew of ten.

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