Station: Helios Alpha III

Three: Ellen Collins, MBA, Station Executive Officer, Rotation Day: 408 

Ellen liked to get up early to check her accounts. It wasn’t real time of course, 8oo million miles would have an effect on anyone’s accounts but she liked to monitor the boost of finances back home while she was working out here.

Today was like any other day and she added the income earned manually to her account, figuring in an average interest rate while Station’s system logs came up on another screen.

Everything seemed to be in order so she stood, stretched and headed toward the Mess for some breakfast, hopefully before anyone else got there, although the Doctor was always up early. But Vishwa wasn’t a conversationalist so she didn’t worry too much.

As she made her way through the corridors from the Habitat PODs to the Mess she noticed a figure that looked the Dr. Rama shuffling heavily into the Medical Bay.

Curious, she followed him in.

He was sitting up on an examination table but looked uncomfortable and pale.

“Are you OK?,” she asked. He turned and started to wave but his hand fell onto his chest. He looked wrong, jaundiced and out of sorts.

Ellen swiped her hand quickly over her mouth to activate the Communications Systems. The indicator lights blinked and she said: “Max, ” she hated using his nickname but the whole crew called him that so she would as well. “Can you come to the Medical Center please?”

“On my way,” she heard quickly.

But just as she approached the Doctor, the panel nearest Dr. Vishwa turned red and he lunged for it, slumping heavily for the floor. The indicator lights turned pink at almost the same time but Ellen didn’t hear or see anything as she lept over the table toward Station’s only Medical Doctor.

She landed next to him and rolled him over as the indicator lights turned from pink to dark red.

“Urgent: Fatality in the Medical Bay,” ALICE  intoned over and over.

“Urgent: Fatality in the Medical Bay.”


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