Station: Helios Alpha II

Two: Dr. Vishwa Rama, Station MD, Rotation Day: 554

Right from the get go this morning Vishwa did not feel right, but he was unable to pinpoint the source of his irritation. Instead of going to work out like he always did in the morning he decided to go to the Mess to try a bit of coffee.

It was early, he was always one of the first ones up and about Station. But the coffee didn’t help so he went back to the gym to try to work out the numbness in his hands and feet and the general lack of energy that hung over him.

Could I be having a heart attack? he thought to himself. Unlikely. He knew he had a less than one percent chance of heart failure over the next ten years and the numbers did not lie.

He climbed up on the exercise bike but never started to pedal and a heaviness overwhelmed him. He coughed and made his way as quickly as possible to his office, the Medical Bay in Station.

It was home to him, but he just could not shake the oddness he was feeling as he sat down on the table where  he had examined every other person on Station.

“Comm, Med scan,” he said coughing. “Please.”

“Scanning,” said ALICE. “Please lie still”

Vishwa coughed again, it felt like his chest was filling up with heavy lead tar.

“Are you OK?” someone asked from the hall. Vishwa turned and saw Ellen entering the Medical Bay.

But his vision was going, he reached up to wave with his left hand but instead it just flopped onto his chest.

What is happening?  He thought. He heard Ellen say one more thing, but couldn’t focus as a flood of pain entered his chest and he lurched up off the table and then fell to the floor.

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