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I can’t not touch her. She’s right there and she’s mine.


I got nothing.


200 inspired words based on: this


“That was your idea?”

Ran coughed and laughed at the same time slumping down against the hard rock wall of the small room, spitting blood.

Nar stumbled in next to him, brushing dust from his armor. He slumped down next to Ran and let his sword fall to his side.

“Yeah, it was,” he said with his own wet cough. “Did you see that metallic wall the Seven Gods threw down over the north passage?

Ran nodded. “Did you see the blade barrier out the east passage you pushed me into?” Ran held up his bloody forearms for Nar to see.

Nar nodded and they were both quiet for a moment, trying to gather their wits after the explosion.

“The little guy really wanted to cast that spell,” Nar said.

“He did at that,” Ran responded, spitting blood. “Is there anything left of him?”

“I think I have a bit of him here,” Nar said, indicating a particularly meaty bloody spot on his chain main.

“This was a terrible idea,” Ran said, dragging himself back up.

“One of your worst,” Nar responding, standing as well and peaking around the corner. “But it looks like he blasted a hole in the wall and we know we can’t go south so . . . ”

“Let’s go,” Ran said.


I don’t want to write a sentence tonight and it is only day two.

Let’s get drunk and play Risk.


It is a green house very low in a swampy area, makes me think of Bob Forsythe for some reason, lots of bug nets around it, lots of outdoor spaces but all enclosed with netting.


The car skidded to a halt dangerously close to the precipitous drop at the end of the road, spitting gravel down the dirt path toward the green house below.

“That’s it?” Charlie asked with a chuckle, fumbling the car keys into the brush by the side of the road as he rose from the car.




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