Summer in the Country – Two

Four houses down the block, on the same side of Elm Avenue as Janet lived Mark and Charles Wurster. Their attic was a starship. Their back yard was an archery range. Their porch was a music studio.  And their kitchen table was a portal into other worlds.

Mark was one year younger than Louis and Matt and Charles was the leader, as he had an an entire year on the cousins and two on his brother.

“Where should we. . .” Louis started.

“Wursters,” Matthew immediately replied and the both raced out the house and down the hill to Elm Avenue and over the the Wurster house.

“Finally,” Charles said as the got to the door. Summer could begin.

“I thought about an astronaut player for Top Secret,” Louis said as they walked inside.

“No Top Secret,” Charles said.

“What are we playing?” Matthew asked but we already knew the answer

“Dungeons and Dragons, first level, the Pits of Arkara. . . hurry up and roll your characters,” Charles demanded.

And we did and we played.

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