Travellers Log for 12/17/03

Interviewer: Biff Henderson

Agency: Imperium News Service

Location: Thurlingstone

Subject: Sgt. Major Merlin St. Croix Marine 817th DCR (Drop Commando Regiment)

Biff Henderson: So sergeant what can you tell me about what’s going on.

St. Croix (unlit cigar in his mouth, wearing a Seaford Rangers football cap): Go talk to one of the officers.

Biff: Come on sergeant, I want a little blue-collar perspective. What can you tell me about your mission?

St. Croix: We’re deliverin medicine fer the IRF

Biff: That’s the Interstellar Relief Fund:

St. Croix: S’right

Biff: So why all the gunfire then.

St. Croix: S’mornin some heavily armed bikers attacked the relief column. We blew ’em back to what deities they worship.

Biff: And this afternoon.

St. Croix: We’s attacked by a Solomani grav tank.

Biff: That’s a laser tank.

St. Croix: (gives the reporter a dirty look)

Biff: So what happened.

St. Croix: We blew it up.

Biff: How does a group of IRF workers blow up a grav tank?

St. Croix: Jus lucky I guess.

Biff: Any idea what they were after?

St Croix: They’s jus a bunch of indigenous Mac something or others tryin to carve out a kingdom by takin the local spaceport. Ain’t nuthin we can’t handle.

Biff: And the Solomani grav tank.

St. Croix: They’s probably backing the Mac something clan in hopes that they’ll become the local government and invite the Solomani in as “advisors.” Seen it happen before.

Biff: So what now.

St. Croix: Now we deliver the medicine.

(Wanders away)

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