Traveller Campaign Background

Location: Your characters are citizens of the Third Imperium. You are all human. The year is 1110 (marking the years since the founding of the Third Imperium). The Third Imperium was founded after the Long Night, an approximately 1450 year period of time of chaos and collapse of technology. Many worlds are still recovering from the Long Night. The characters are located in the Old Expanses portion of the Imperium near the Solmani Sphere. The Solmani Sphere is another area of human dominated space that revolted successfully against the Imperium approximately 100 years ago.

Star Travel and Communications: Interstellar travel is possible via the jump drive. Jump drive enables starships to travel between one to six parsecs (3.2 lightyears) in a week. Ships are fueled by hydrogen which can be refined. Misjumps and drive malfunctions are possible whenever activating jump drive. Communications are handled by express boats which carry messages across the Imperium at about three-four parsecs a week. The Third Imperium is approximately 700 parsecs across and has over 1100 worlds. It takes approximately 44 weeks for messages to be sent from the capital to the boundaries of the Third Imperium.

Weapons: Weapons and other technologies vary across the galaxy due to the Long Night. One interesting note is that military personnel are trained in the use of edged weapons. This is because of the “black globe” force field which absorbs all energy (until overloaded) fired in the field. The black globe technology was discovered from Ancient (aliens who spread humanity across the galaxy a long time ago) artifacts and is not very well understood. Accordingly all black globe generators are property of the Third Imperium and are used only on the most important ships and locations. In black globe areas edged weapons are the most effective means of combat.

Vehicles: The most common vehicles in the Third Imperium are variants of air rafts (an anti gravity sleds) and ATVs (which are enclosed, fully amphibious, and can traverse almost any terrain).

Psionics: Psi powers are mistrusted in the Third Imperium due to various scandals approximately 300 years ago. Furthermore psionics are extensively used by the Zhodani, a human empire which is a long time rival of the Third Imperium. The Zhodani are located across the Third Imperium from the Old Expansives.

Background:Your characters are all veterans of a rebellion that flared up into a planetary system wide war in the Old Expanses sector of the Imperium. The rebellion was believed to have been started by militant pro-Solomani groups. The war devolved into guerilla warfare focused mainly on the planet Tannenberg near the boundary of the Imperium.

Present: Now that you are retired and looking for work, an opportunity has arisen. Recently the baroness of the Old Expanses sector was taking a good will tour of systems outside Imperium control and on the planet Thurlingstone she discovered that the people were suffering from a major famine. The baroness’s concern for the plight of the people on this planet brought great attention to this backwater planet. The Interstellar Relief Fund (IRF) sent workers and food to the planet in hopes to end the famine however local warlords have prevented the food from reaching the people.

The IRF needs bodyguards for the shipments of food. Because of all the publicity this is an opportunity to make a reputation on a large scale. This is your opportunity.

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