Thay Background

Your Veiled Existence

The characters’ statistics will be kept a secret. The players will be given a general sense of where they rank with any given statistic. For example: “You move with such celerity you have been described as having elven-like nimbleness.” OR “You are as agile as the fat girl in dodge ball.”

The DM will maintain the specifics of each character’s ability scores, combat statistics, and experience level. The players will maintain the remaining details. See the DM for specifics.

If this approach proves to be too cumbersome or generally undesirable, the onus will be shifted to the players to maintain the entire character.

What Has Been Predefined?

In the hopes of providing an innovative and entertaining approach to starting a new campaign setting, we will be creating most of the characters’ backgrounds during the first few sessions.

Here is what I can reveal:

Characters will be limited to the race of humans. Orcs/half-orcs and halflings do not exist.

Initially, the characters will be Neutral Good with lawful tendencies. If a player chooses to be a different alignment, the “transformation” will need to be part of the character’s concept and may be worked into the campaign over a period of time.

Any of the classes in the PHB will be available to play. However, some classes will require additional work to fit into the campaign, such as Clerics and Monks. Either of these classes may require addition work on the part of the player when creating the character’s concept.

Psionics do NOT exist, although the powers may be converted to an arcane equivalent type spell.

Character Concepts

With the statistics being concealed, it will be helpful, but not necessary, for the players to have at least some rudimentary concept for each of their characters.

As long as the concept does not prevent the DM from presenting consistent, challenging, and entertaining scenarios, the players will be allowed, within reason, to “customize” a character to their liking.

Players that develop interesting or cool character concept MAY be granted addition skills, feats and or equipment for their character.

Since the statistics of the characters will be concealed, it would be helpful to the DM to have as many specifics and details of the character as possible. It would be helpful to know which areas to concentrate on as the character develops. Will your fighter be fast and mobile or will he specialize in bows and ranged attacks? Will your rogue concentrate on stealth or will he be a master of traps and disguise?

Casters and Magic

All spells will be researched (with the exception of 0-level cantrips). The cantrips will be researched and created during the character’s apprenticeship.

Spell components will be used and tracked by the character. Spell components will need to be replenished as do any other adventuring supplies.

Spell recovery has been altered. Spells will be recovered at the rate of one-eighth total per hour. See the DM for details.

Also, players are encouraged to develop there own spells.

Gaining Experience

Not more than 50% of any given levels experience can be gained from “defeating” monsters. The remaining experience for a level will be gained through performing class abilities, utilizing skills, and roleplaying within the character’s concept. This percentage IS subject to change.

Naming Style

Cool names will be greatly appreciated by the DM.

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