Rath Moorson


Rath Moorson was born to a poor family and raised by an abusive father. He sought escape as soon as he was old enough and set out on his own when he was twelve. Over the years of his adolescence he quickly honed his skills on the streets. He fell in with a rough band and together they learned, earned, fought and killed. Rath quickly discovered he had above average agility and that he preferred to avoid a fight rather than get in one. His “on the job” training improved his stealth, evasion, and wariness (not to mention the inner workings of locks and traps). Unfortunately, his lack of foresight and limited intelligence landed him in the occasional situation where a fight was unavoidable. His adroitness led him to adopt a two weapon fighting style, using short blades, usually a short sword and dagger. He also uncovered the use of certain chemicals and how they can help debilitate an opponent.



  • STG above average
  • CON average
  • DEX remarkable
  • WIS average or less
  • INT average
  • CHA above average
  • feats: ambidexterity, two-weapon fighting, improved initiative
  • skills: alchemy (poison), balance, climb, hide, listen, move silently, open lock, search, tumble, use rope
  • equip: standard rogue equip, short sword, daggers, throwing daggers, leather armor, light crossbow possibly


From the DM

This is what I got from your background.

  1. Born to a poor family.
  2. Abused
  3. Sought escape
  4. Honed physical skills
  5. Avoids conflict when possible
  6. Occasional scuffle
  7. Dual-wielding fighting style
  8. Dabbling with alchemy

A recent timeline within “The New Age”.

  • 1173, 13th day in the month of Long nights – Garric Duke Moorson is born to a young mother while travelling with a Rover caravan to the city of Jarspar. The name of the mother is unknown.
  • 1173, 14th day in the month of Long nights – The young mother dies of complications related to the child birth. The leader of the Rover caravan adopts the newborn. The child is named Garric Duke Moorson by the leader of the Rovers.
  • 1195, 29th day in the month of Bitter Winds – Garric Moorson becomes the leader of the Rover caravan by his skill as a diplomat and swordsman.
  • 1196, 27th day in the month of Harvesting – Garric Duke Moorson marries Alexi Alma Rojas, a young woman from the caravan.
  • 1198, 3rd day in the month of Keeping – Alexi Alma Moorson dies suddenly from an unkown illness while the carvan travels to the village of Lochbury.
  • 1208, 21st day in the month of Storms – Rath Moorson is born in the city of Jarspar.
  • 1211, 16th day in the month of Festivals – Garric Duke Moorson hastily leads the caravan to Jarspar for an unkown reason.
  • 1211, 17th day of the month of Festivals – Duke Moorson returns to the rover camp outside Jarspar with a young boy. Garric Moorson names the child Rath Moorson.
  • 1215 This is where the campaign will begin.
  • 1223 You will begin playing Rath as your main character.

The life of a Rover is harsh. They are a nomadic people; without a land or home to call their own. The Rovers wander the countryside bartering the goods they have acquired through less than honest means. A Rover is not to be trusted.

In an effort to groom Rath Moorson as the next leader of the Rovers, Garric trains Rath in the fine art of wielding a blade. It is soon revealed that Rath is equally adept with a blade in either hand. By the age of seven, Rath is mildly proficient in the use of shortswords, daggers, and throwing knives. Rath is also educated in the finer points of running the caravan (skills: Bribery, Appraise, Intimidation, Bluff, Forgery???).

During training, Rath’s mistakes and miscues are met swiftly and brutally by the hand of his “father”. Most would consider this treatment as abusive. However, such is the life of a Rover. This may ultimately prove to harden the attitude and resolve of a maturing Rath.

So far, this is about all that I can reveal. Feel free to add the this storyline up to the age of about seven. Rath will be about seven in the year 1215. At that point we will play out a couple of scenarios, hopefully fleshing out a bit more of the character’s motivations and background.

Somehow, Rath knows the only “real” connection he has to these gypsys is the tatoo/brand on his right shoulder. All members of the clan have this symbol. Feel free to develop the symbol if you like.

By age seven your character will have the following skills and feats:

  • Ambidexterity
  • Two-weapon fighting
  • Shortsword
  • dagger
  • throwing dagger/knife

Through the course of the next eight years we will develop the combat and rogue skills. The alchemy will be worked in as well.

Remember, we will play the years between 1215 and 1223 in the first couple of weeks of the campaign.

Let me know if these points are sufficiently covered…

  1. Born to a poor family. (raised by the Rovers)
  2. Abused (Raised and trained by Garric)
  3. Sought escape (Abusive training and feeling of being an “outsider” i.e. the tatoo/brand)
  4. Honed physical skills (combat training by Garric)
  5. Avoids conflict when possible (Skills needed to “run” the caravan such a diplomacy and bluff)
  6. Occasional scuffle (failed “diplomacy”)
  7. Dual-wielding fighting style (combat training by Garric)
  8. Dabbling with alchemy (to be revealed later)


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