Jon Shieldmangler aka Jon Smith


Jon was raised by loving well-respected parents. Jon’s father Barak Smith was a premier armor smith and weapon smith, but his defining characteristic was that he was a good teacher. Jon was keenly interested in the family smithy from a very young age. He was fascinated by the furnaces, bellows, and the ringing of the hammers as soon as he could walk. He naturally became an apprentice armor smith as soon as he could.

Jon’s family is fairly well off because his father insists on making and selling the finest armor and weapons in the region. Wealthy warriors from all over the region come to his shop to have masterwork armor and weapons made for them.

Jon was naturally athletic and excelled at even the roughest games. He was a champion at no rule, team bloodball. This natural athleticism gave him a self-confidence dealing with the other children and he always had a flock of friends around him whenever he wasn’t in the forge. His charisma earned him some enemies among those jealous of his prowess but his smile and willingness to help people earned him more friends. Jon can’t abide a bully and got in frequent fights championing the cause of the smaller boys as they were being tormented by larger children.

He has a love of figuring out ways of improving weapons and armor. He favors crossbows over longbows because of their mechanical workings. Jon has an aptitude for melee weapons but doesn’t favor one over the other. His father taught him how to use them all. His father used to say, “If you’re going to smith one of these things you better know how to use it.”

He got the name Shieldmangler when he was eight when his father graduated him from shoeing horses to making simple shields. A couple of months afterward his father was commissioned to make masterwork armor for a rich warrior. Jon was given the task of making the shield. One of the few times that Jon’s father lost his temper with Jon was when he saw what Jon did with the shield. He had made a standard heater type shield but then got a bright idea and cut a semicircular 5″ notch in the upper right hand corner. Jon’s father called him “you damned shieldmangler”. After his father calmed down Jon explained that he cut the notch so that the warrior could use it as a rest to steady his lance when he was charging opponents on the left side of his horse. The warrior who was buying the armor was offered a replacement shield but he loved the one that Jon had made for him and even tipped the young man for his innovation. The generosity of this warrior allowed Jon to purchase masterwork iron working tools.


  • Strength: Strong like any smith. Eventually feet of Power Attack.
  • Dexterity: Agile enough. Good at bloodball. Possibly feats of Dodge and Maneuverability.
  • Constitution: Tough like Jack Palance in a bad mood.
  • Intelligence: At least a little above average, including a mechanical aptitude
  • Wisdom: He does make mistakes sometimes, learns from them, has tremendous willpower
  • Charisma: Fairly charismatic, more of a self confidence and strong presence


A recent timeline within “The New Age”.

  • 1206, 3rd day of the month of Storms – Jon Smith is born to Barak and Jordana Smith in a small farming community east of Jarspar.
  • 1214, 12th day of the month of Long Nights – At age eight, Jon graduates to making armor and “simple” weapons.
  • 1215 This is where the campaign will begin.
  • 1220 Somewhere around this time, you will get involved in with the bloodball team.
  • 1223 You will begin playing Jon as your main character.

About your skills, feats and special abilities…


  • Armorsmithing (yes)
  • Weaponsmithing (yes)
  • Blacksmithing (yes)
  • Ride (yes)
  • Intimidate (yes)


  • Power Attack (We will work this in as you gain feats.)
  • Dodge (yes)
  • Mobility (yes)
  • Proficient with light crossbow (yes)

Special abilities: tremendous willpower. You will get a bonus to willpower saves (yes)


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