Brodani Campaign 06/16/99



  • Gods of the Brodani
    • Mithras: God of strength and gentleness, courage and self restraint, a soldiers god. Born in a cave at midwinter, born of earth and light, sprang from the rock with a torch in his left hand and a knife in his right. Killed the white bull to bring life and fertility to earth with its shed blood.
    • Sarra: Goddess of Protection and Magic. Has angels to carry out her wishes. Among these angels know as Sarra Angels the most powerful are Uriel, Gabriel, Raphiel, and Michael. Hew power is greatest at the timf od full moons and least when there is no moon. This will give her clerics a +1 or -1 to all rolls on those days. The sacred animal of Sarra is the wolf.
    • Tagament: God (or Goddess) of Dragons
    • Actaeon: God of sea and storms
    • Kern: God of mischef, fate, and thieves. Plays with people like game pieces.
    • Aylia: Goddess of music, poem, dance, art and rainbows.
    • Kain: Wargod, God of passion, hate fury, and chaos.
  • The Brodani Language
    • The Brodani language is a mix of many languages. Their culture started with a Celtic type language while they lived in their homeland. After oriental type cultures conquered them they picked up many words and names from them. They migrated to Mathusia where they picked up many Mathusian names and words. They have now found a new homeland on the southern continent in the lands of the Flan, so of course they have now picked up many Flan names and words. Tadtionally the most honorable and powerful families like to use old names when they are naming babies, so most babies have either Celtic or Japanese/Tsurani names.
  • Demin
    • Demin is a combination of honor and luck. In Brodani society your honor is very important to you, you will be expected to defend it with your life.It is unlikely that anyone but another cleric will insult or pick a duel with your cleric, but others will be fair game. When in character you should always refer to someone of higher social standing than you as Bro’demin, and anyone of lower standing as Ban’demin. The exception to this is that you don’t have to call anyone of the working or merchant class with either of these. Though they should refer to you as Bro’demin. If some accrsed npc does not offer you the proper respect you will need to put him in his place or loose demin (honor).
    • Demin honor/luck points: We will keep track of these using the honor rules in Oriental Adventures. Each player will also get one point of luck (demin) pe level. He can use this to have one free reroll whenever he wishes. A die may only be rerolled once and you have to take the reroll even if it is worse the the original result. You will also be able to get these luck demin points at other times in the game. Just to clarify we will be keeping track of two things, demin (honor) and demin (luck).
  • Psychology
    • A note on the Brodani outlook on life. They are xenophobic, though not to the point of being genocidal. Generally they just don’t like people form other races and consider them inferior. They look at women as inferior but with much respect, because of their ability to create and nuture life. Women can own land if they inherit it from their husbands when they die. Women like this are considered landlords just like their husbands, with the same rights. The culture is rules by noble families (who can own land), and is broken into a cast system. On the top of the cast system are the noble families elders, then warriors, priests, merchants, artisans, farmers, wizards, and outlanders
  • The monitory system
    • The monitory system will be based on the gold standard just like in the Players Handbook. The Brodani only have three types of coins. Gold, silver and copper. Called respectively corrins, chin (or plural chin’g), and pennies.
  • Military orders
    • There are various military orders that warriors can belong to. These represent the standing army of the Brodani. Local lords may be called to serve if there is a war but the military orders patrol the lands and keep them safe for the most part. Some orders are like monastic orders of paladins like the Order of the Knights of Tagamet. Other order just represent secular military organizations that report to the Emporer. The Order of The Lion, The Order of The Bear, and The Order of the Wolf.
  • Brodani weapons and armor
    • Brodani weapons and armor are simple and functional. The weapons are rarely if ever adorned with gems. The armor is usually enameled the house colors of the house or miliart order of the owner.

      Weapons and armor may have some engraving on them. Usually of Celtic knots. Their weapon and armor technology is very advanced. Many blades have bonuses to hit or decreased speed factors. Many weapons are family heirlooms with thei own history. It is a loss of much honor if anyone should loose one of these weapons.

      The armor most often used is plate mail (all three types), scale mail, and boiled leather armor. The armor is always enameled or lacquered. Most warriors wear helmets in battle and those are often adorned with scarves in the color of the persons affiliation. Because the Brodani often wear heavy armor, they often don’t use shields in favor of bastard swords or sometimes two handed swords.

      There is a class of warriors that dedicate their lives to becoming masters of their weapon. These are called blade masters or sword saints. They will often be seen wandering the highways in search of adventure and increased experience with their blades. They often seen one another out, to challenge another to a duel to prove their skill. These weapon masters can most easily be recognized by the multiple swords that they carry and their brown armor or clothing

  • Family
    • The characters are all from the same family, the Llyr. Their grandfather is Greidawl. Pat is the third sone of Maelwys, Adam is the third son of Bradwen, and James is the second son of Fflewdur. Your family is currently the 8th ranked family in the empire. They used to be 6th, until a great betrayal of the empire by one of your granduncles.



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