Amaranth Background

Core Ethos Sentence
Terrible, ancient secrets haunt colonial Amaranth, a still untamed land of savage danger and devastating beauty.

The Heroes


  • Kelvin D’Agato – Youngest royal male of Amaranth, he is removed enough from the line of succession that he is granted virtual free reign to do as he wishes. His free-wheeling antics have sometimes gotten him into trouble.
  • Dodinel – A member of an enigmatic group called Moryander, but more commonly referred to as the Elders. His knowledge of Amaranth indicates he knows more about its past than any other, and he alone seems to know the nature of the unrest in the west, as well as the secrets of the ancient world.
  • General Pedrock – Knight-Marshall of the Armies of the West. He is charged with guarding the mountain frontier passes of the west. His battles with the denizens of the west are the stuff of legends.
  • Hunt Lord Breyok – Ranger of the Wounded Wood. He seeks the ancient secrets of the land and the source of the conflicts that seem to come from the very earth itself.
  • Mother Floraidh – Matron of the Plyth Priests, spiritual leaders of Amaranth. Small in stature, her passion and temper are well known, as is her ironfisted leadership of the considerable military arm of the Order, the Corbenite Templars.


What They Do

The old Imperial Oligarchy is dying due to wars, droughts and corrupt leadership. The population of the old Empire is flooding to the new continent of Amaranth, a settled, but still wild frontier land. All of the power centers of the old Empire are shifting to Amaranth, many of them have already abandoned their station in the old Empire.

Kelvin is often seen about D’Agato city and nearby, but is kept from traveling too far astray by his domineering brother Seth. Caring little for the school of politics or artistry, He would rather be on horseback chasing kobolds with his friend Dodinel. Little is known of Dodinel, other than the fact that he carries secrets in his ageless eyes so far-reaching the implications would be beyond the understanding of most. He knows that the ancient evil of Amaranth is the cause of the unrest in the west and that it will have to be dealt with. General Pedrock is charged with dealing with that unrest in its current incarnation. A powerful man, he leads from the front and is adored by the men who serve under him. It’s Pedrock’s contention that all the armies of Amaranth need to be gathered so that they may sally forth over the mountains to wipe out the evil in the west. He also feels that he should be the one to lead the combined armies.

Breyok is a gentle and wise man, as well as a superior marksman and hunter. He sees the wounds in the land and in the trees and knows that it is getting worse even as others a turn blind eye to the signs. He is commonly called upon by Floraidh for advice for she sees the signs as well. Floraidh controls vast power in Amaranth. When she speaks it is heard by all, for she is the living representative of the four Gods and that they grant power on Amaranth is without question.

Threats, Conflicts, Villains

Amaranth’s neighbors to the west constantly brave the passes and assault the forces of General Pedrock, trying to gain a foothold in the east. Shadow Dwarves seem to flow from unknown caverns, and Wild Elves appear as if by will alone in the treetops. But evil is not solely held in the western reaches, The Keepers, an unholy sect, walk amongst the people in secrecy, plotting their own vile attempts to find the greater sources of evil and bind them to their own causes. Conflict is brewing very close to the capital as well. Rumors of bastard children and an unclear line of succession are talked about in hushed tones among the populace. Threats emanate from within the ruling family itself, as Seth D’Agato, second eldest son of the King is vying for control of Amaranth and has taken steps to see himself, not his older brother, seated on the throne. Seth controls the elite Talon guard who are personally responsible for the security of the city and the family D’Agato. The Talon swear an oath of fealty to Seth that is known only to its members.

Nature of Magic

The divine and arcane orders of magic held great power in the old Empire, and their reach is far and strong in Amaranth as well, but not as incestuously intertwined as in the Empire. There are four schools of divine magic, representing the four major gods. These schools all exist under the auspices of the Plyth Priests and the unquestioning control of Mother Floraidh. The Holy Orders hold themselves in high regard and, while they refrain from open hostility with the practitioners of arcane magic, they hold little respect for them. The Rivalen school of magic holds power in the arcane schools of wizardry. Evil arcane magic is powerful on Amaranth, but extremely difficult to control.

What’s New, Different and Unique

There are four seasons in a year (as well as four moons), each corresponding to one of the major deities. The planet has a twenty year cycle that features a year of bitter cold followed by a ten year rise to a year stifling heat. While some individuals and groups have an inkling as to the nature of the ancient menace that plagues the land, the terrible truth is beyond the understanding of them all. The evil festers and grows in an unknown civilization that exists beneath the surface of Amaranth. Only when all of the powers of Amaranth are brought together can this truth be discovered and dealt with.


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