Amaranth Background

The denizens on Amaranth are either transplants from the Empire (this is by far the most common) or indigenous to the continent. The local races (none of which are human) are very rare and usually, if they interact with mainstream society, hide their pasts. Elves, although rare, are the most common of the local races. There are three known “families” of elves that are indigenous to Amaranth, they are the high elves, the wild elves and the feared drow. There is one known indigenous family of halfings (interestingly, these halflings can’t stand being barefoot and pride themselves on their footwear). There are no known indigenous races of humans or dwarves. Dwarves are very rare on Amaranth as they are loath to leave their mountain homes in the Empire.

The high elves live mostly in the northern forests but branches of them are found all over Amaranth. They generally shun all other races, feeling superior to them, and keep to themselves in the forests. Trade with them is not unknown, but it takes a trusted merchant to gain entry into their markets. The wild elves live amongst the jungles in the south and south west. They tolerate other races but for the most part don’t understand them or how then can surround themselves with walls or sleep inside. The drow occupy the mountains that bisect the continent. They are feared by the other races of elves and by the other races as well.

The local Halflings, the Lightfoots, live all over the continent, their exact origins have never been traced. They’re easy to tell apart from the Imperial races because of their love of footwear and their instance that they always where boots (some choose shoes, but these are rarer still). However, humans usually don’t even bother to tell the differences in the various families of halflings. They are generally carefree and open to other races. There are two familes of halfings are from the Empire. The Stronghearts are found in Amaranth, but they generally stay near the cities and towns. The Ghostwise halflings are extremely rare even in the Empire, shunning outsiders in all but the most extreme situations.

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